Laser Evacuation device guides evacuees to the evacuation route using laser diode in the scene of a fire. This is an advanced device designed to help evacuation of people with visual and hearing impairment and to allow early evacuation in the event of a fire.

Product Characteristics
  1) The laser device for evacuation guides evacuees to the emergency exits by
  shining laser beams on the floor and walls to prevent evacuation failure caused
by reduced visibility due to smoke.
2) The laser device for evacuation has upgraded functions such as a sound alarm
  and a laser beam that guides evacuees to the emergency exits to facilitate
  speedy and safe evacuation.
3) The laser device for evacuation has a laser beam range of 180 〫to achieve
  the effect of two laser beams with just one, which in turn reduces cost.
  (10m beam range)
4) It is designed to allow the users to arbitrarily change direction of the arrow to
  concentrate the beams from two sides or make the beams spread over a
  wider area.
  Factories and large buildings
Low luminance Area and Hospitals
Department stores and hotels
Product specification 
Format 10MW06
Operating voltage DC24
Current consumption MAX 24V
Normal operating temperature -10 ~ 50℃
Alarm sound 90dB
Material ABS
Demension 135 X 85 X 42 (mm)
Weight 180g