Leak AlarmTM is a UL certified product to be enhanced the performance of the fire protection system. Gas-type fire extinguishing system is usually inspected only once every year to check for abnormalities in the fire extinguishing agent.

This system does not require any auxiliary power supply or devices such as a receiver. Also, it is easy to install and will notify you immediately in case of a decrease in the fire extinguishing agent through an alarm.

System Characteristics  
  Monitoring weight range: 1kg ~ 250kg
▷ Weight monitoring range: 1kg per each monitoring after initial setup
▷ Weight detection setup range: 1Kg ~ 10Kg
    (can be set depending on user characteristics)
Characteristic: Single program and individual alarm function
▷ Power supply: DC 24V (weight: approx. 6Kg)
▷ Monitoring program: customized according to the
   user interface
▷ Monitoring methods: RS 485 communication method using
   communication or Hardwire Loop
Monitoring program: Lab VIEW
  - National Instrument Lab VIEW: User interface, a program language graphic
for creating a program using graphic icons  
- Input desired control values and save as a file to be transmitted via the Internet
  (Window OS)
- Includes function for automatic control and measurements
- Easy interpretation of source code: easy system integration and graphic displays
of series of analog signals