The VESDA system is an aspirating smoke detection system that transports air using the air sampling pipe network in the fire protection zone for early detection of fires. Unlike the general passive spot-type sensors, this is an active system that uses an aspirator (air suction pump) for continuous sampling of air to detect occurrence of fires. As such, this system can be operated efficiently in a variety of environments ranging from rapid air flow to stagnant air flow.  
System Characteristics
  1. Optical light scattering detection method using laser
  (detection of absolute value of smoke)
2. The world's top high-density detection and largest detection range
3. The world's maximum and largest range of fire alarm value (0.005~20%obs/m)
4. Dust filtering using a dual filter
5. Constant monitoring ,of the air flow using the permanent air flow sensor in each of
  pipe to detect abnormal operation of the system caused by congestion or breakage
  the pipes
6. Automatic system setup function (Auto learn) for identification of the environment
  of the fire protection zone and automatic setting of alarm value to ensure optimal
  early alarm function and minimize false alarms
7. The world's maximum storage of fire events (18,000 cases)
8. All possible failures of the automatic failure diagnosis system are indicated and
  represented on RDU computer to ensure that users can check the cause and
  response method. The complete modulation of the system satisfies user
9. Correction/calibration is unnecessary as the optimal light part is maintained in clean
  conditions (lifetime of the machinery: more than 10 years)
10. Monitoring and control anywhere suing VESDAN Net Communication Network
System Principles
  Detection Processes
Flow Monitoring
  Air is suctioned by the aspirator through 4 holes to be mixed. 90% is discharged and 10% flows into the sensor through the dual filter. There is a flow sensor at each hole (four in total) and congestion or damage in one of the pipes can be detected.
The sensor is a platinum film thermostat and the intensity of the aspirator can be regulated according to the project characteristics
Dual Filter
  The primary foam filter (20㎛) removes dust from the smoke sample The secondary HEPA filter (0.3㎛) maintains the cleanliness of the optical surface by supplying clean air
Filter monitoring: service period and measure of dust contamination
Reasons to use VESDA
  - Minimizes production/operation suspension through early detection
- Detects micro smoke early at the heating stage before it turns into a fire, which can
  help minimize damage and avoid the operation of the firefighting system
- Minimizes economic losses caused by the operation of the firefighting system, which
  can be expensive, and ensure enough time for evacuation
- Efficiently detects fire in areas where smoke detection is difficult (incl. large spaces)
- Extreme environments (high/low temperature, dusty areas, etc.)
- Extreme environments in which the general spot-type sensors cannot be installed or
  areas where sensors should not be visible (remote installation using a pipe network)
- Satisfies the aesthetic requirements of the customers by burying the pipe network
  inside the walls
- Areas where maintenance and repair work is difficult
- Inside equipment that is difficult to access or large spaces, etc.
Applications of VESDA  
  Areas requiring minimization of operation suspension resulting from fire
  The result of suspending operation due to fire can be extremely costly, especially in this highly competitive business environment. VESDA detects smoke that is not visible by the naked eye to give sufficient time for users to prevent fire even before it starts and minimize potential damages caused by fire.
  - Clean rooms
- Information & Communications Bureau
- Computer rooms
- Hospitals
  Environment where smoke is hard to detect
  Smoke is difficult to detect in large spaces and areas with frequent changes in the air, using the general smoke detectors. In these environments, VESDA is the best solution for fire prevention.
  - Logistics warehouses and large refrigerated
  storage systems
- Large halls
- Hangars
- Sports stadiums
  Vulnerable environment
  It has been shown that general smoke detectors don't perform properly in areas of high contamination or in extreme environments. However, VESDA can guarantee top performance even under these conditions.
  - Power generation facilities 
- Mines
- Tunnels
- Trains
- Paper manufacturing plants
- Manufacturing processes
  Where exterior (interior) is important
  Smoke detectors posed problems in areas with high aesthetic requirements. With VESDA, the pipes and smoke detectors are installed in areas that are not visible to solve the aesthetic issue yet still guarantee top performance.
  - Super modern buildings
- Cultural heritage
- Churches/cathedrals