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  Disaster prevention system for temples and wooden cultural properties
KEI has technology and expertise in disaster
prevention for cultural property with fire safety
consulting, research service, presenting
research paper at academic meeting or
developing products by considering
characteristics of temples and wooden national
Fan-type nozzle
  (utility model)
  - Spray pressure: 8kg/cm
  - Spraying amount: 284 lpm
  - Spraying angle: 117 degrees
  - Effective range: 11.5M
Straight-type nozzle
  (utility model)
  - Spray pressure: 8kg/cm
  - Spraying amount: 12.3 lpm
  - Spraying angle: 0 degrees
  - Effective range: 9.7M
  Implemented R&D Project on water screen nozzle    
  Fire test model actual fire test Installation cases of
waterscreen nozzle
installation cases of sector-shaped water screen nozzle  
Mid-to-low pressure non- spray type nozzle
  - Spray pressure: 7~13kg/cm
  - Spray amount: 20 ~ 30 lpm
  - Spray angle: 60 ~ 130degree
  - Effective range: 60 ~ 130degree
Fire extinguishment facilities for fine waterspray
  As it is automatic water mist system and installed within cultural property, fine and small water drops are sprayed, and it causes no harm to people and minimizes damage as pro-environmental fire-fighting equipment  
Implemented research project on non-spray type package
for wooden cultural property
Fire test model actual fire test example of
non-spraying package
principle for fire extinguishing of fine
water spray
Installation examplesof cultural property
  [ Fire sensor ] [ air absorption sensor ] [ pump room construction ]
  [ firefighting pipe construction ] [ engine pump construction ] [ Firefighting water storage construction ]
  [ pump room construction ] [ pump room construction ]
Example of firefighting gun
  [ Firefighting Guns (underground type) ] [ firefightinggun
(ground type) ]
[ firefighting gun case ]
  [ fire fighting guncase
(OPEN) ]
[ water screen type
fire fighting gun ]
[ straight type
fire fighting gun ]
  [ fire fighting gun ] [ fire fighting gun ]
Implemented research service and built fire prevention system for
  major wooden cultural heritage
Implemented research project on wooden cultural properties for
  CHA and SMBA
Presented research paper at domestic and international academic
  meeting of fighter-fighting issues
Main resultand installation case
  Designed and constructed fighter-fighting system for Naksansa, Heainsa,
    Suduksa, Bongkuksa, etc.
  Development of thewater screen nozzle for protecting forest fire and
    cultural heritage (SMBA)
  Implemented research project of disaster prevention for major wooden
  cultural property (CHA)
Implement a safety check for 124 places of domestic wooden cultural
Presentation research papersfor cultural properties at the academic
  meeting in Korea and Japan (2007, 08, 09)
Development the Fine spray package (Water Mist) system for wooden
  cultural property (SMBA)
As KEI is the disaster prevention company on fire-fighting, we have analyzed characteristics of domestic the cultural property and risk, and conducted safety diagnosis and research on firefighting products, acquired many expertise on disaster prevention by releasing seminar announcement on the fire safety.

In addition, with our research and development, we make our best efforts to protect our invaluable cultural heritage, such as water screen for forest fire, by developing non-spray fire equipment for cultural property, as it is administered by SMBA.

We promise that we will be leading the company to protect cultural properties from the fire.

All of managers and employees