Gas FinderTM is equipment that releases the extinguishing agent in order to prevent accidents in the protected area through the olfactory alarm equipment. Gas FinderTM makes recognize the carbon dioxide extinguishing  smell of releasing through the ruptured portion induced.

Product Characteristics
  New Technology
New concept equipment
High reliability
No additional power supply.
Olfactory warning
Main Application field
  Odorless, Colorless Gas extinguishing facility
CO2 Gas extinguishing facility
Place which Carbon dioxide Container is installed
Plumbing part which needs construction and maintenance
The installation of Gas Finder
Release of carbon dioxide gas alarm system
  The carbon dioxide gas extinguishing system operation as the law of personal injury occurs,
the alarm system Install mandatory carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is a colorless,
odorless gas, inability to detect human CO2 sight, hearing, and that the alarm
Major Cases of Accidents Caused by CO2 release
  41 asphyxiated during the OO Art Museum accident (2001)
1 death and 1 seriously injured during an accident in the disaster prevention room in the basement of OO University in Chungcheongnam-do (2008)
1 death and 2 seriously injured during an accident in the mechanical room in the basement floor in Inchon (2011)
Europe: 11 accident cases in France and Germany
Source: ARIA 51 accidents as of 2000, leading to 72 deaths and 145 injuries, and 12 more cases thereafter
Additional cases / Source: U.S. HSE China: 39 poisoned in a library (2007)