Fire RexTM as the Automatic fire extinguisher equipment protects from such as the fire risk of electrical panels, cabinet, CNC machine, power supplies, switchgear and other fire protection zones. Fire RexTM is easy to install inside of the equipment and is digested without power automatically.

Operating principles
The pressure vessel is filled with digestive juices and digestive juices in the  charge to  
  the panel inside the digestive TUBE   
Panel inside the flame extinguishing a fire extinguishing TUBE exploded on contact
  with the release of extinguishing agents
Extinguishing the flame direct injection digestion digestive effect and direct effect
  of increased
Product Characteristics
Using a dedicated TUBE nearest place in case of fire, the fire and the fire extinguishing gas
  emissions rupture TUBE
High Pressure Gas Safety Act does not apply to high safety HCFC - 123 eco-friendly use of
  extinguishing agents
Using pressure gauges and pressure switches can check the status of the product
Without power to automatically shut off the gas emission can be easily installed inside the
How to install
 Can focus on the installation
   and laying of parallel TUBE
   -1 set parallel to the 4 per
    panel available
 Can ignite laid expected to
   focus on areas
 Panels can be installed easily
   without changing the
 Applicable to the Remote
   Monitoring (optional)
   -Pressure Switch can be
    equipped to detect
 Easy installation,
   maintenance free-standing
 No elements of this simple
   tooperate malfunction
 Eligible economical reuse of
 Flexible design can be
   adjusted on-site property
 Electrical and electronic
 Communication equipment box
 Exhaust duct from
   experimental labs
 Various pumps
 Combustible substance
   storage box
 Transformer cabinet
 PC and data storage cabinet
 CNC and VCM machine
 Other fire protection zones