Micro Water is a water mist fire extinguishing equipment with outstanding performance developed for the first time in Korea by KUNKOOK E&I through an academic-industrial R&D project under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology successfully.

Overview of the Water Spray System
  • Oxygen Blocking Effect
  • Cooling Effect
  • Additional Effects – Smoke and fine particle removal
  • Radiant Heat Blocking Effect
Definition (NFPA -750)
  • Low-pressure System: operating pressure under 12.1 bar (175psi)
  • Mid-pressure System: operating pressure between 12.1 barand 34.1 bar
  • High-pressure System: operating pressure under 34.5 bar (500psi)
Form (NFPA -750)
  • Classifications by nozzle type are as follows
  • Nozzle type : Automatic,Nonautomatic,Hybrid
  • Operation Method : Deluge, Wet,pie, preaction, Dry pipe
  • Media system type : Single fluid, Twin Fluid
User (NFPA -750)
  • Fire extinguishment
• Fire suppresion
• Fire Control
• Temperature control
• Exposure protection
  · Semiconductor manufacturing plants
  · Power generation units and transformers
  · Chemical plants and hazardous material storages
  · Underpasses and subway stations
  · Hospitals
  · Military ports and large transport ships
  · Museums and art museums/galleries
  · Hotels and department stores
  · Ammunition chambers
Fire Extinguishing Principles of Water Mist
  Sprays water mist using the motive power of the ignitionsource
  Small, high-density water mist with large total surfacearea that can quickly absorb large amounts of heat, decrease the temperature of the location of fire and maximize water utilization rate
Maximize the utilization of water
  The light-weight and high-density water mist particles are dependent on the thermal
  current of the ignition source
  It blocks the around influent ignition source to block circulation.
  It quickly absorbs large amounts of heat and decreases the temperature of the location of
Blocking of oxygen source
  The water mist particles can easily absorb heat and expands to about 1,760-times the original volume duringvaporization
  Forms a barrier outside the ignition source and blocks the oxygen source
Technical Cooperation
  National project implemented by the Ministry of Science & Technology:
  Jointly developed with Chung-ang University
  1st Project: Joint development of the low- and mid-pressure systems
  2nd Project: Joint development of the high-pressure system
  Korea Railroad Research Institute: Development of a water mist system for passenger
  railroad cars underway
Water Mist Gun  
  Simply hold the hand of pattern adjustment  
  Easy to adjust the pattern of use  
  Simple hydrants available  
  Respond quickly to a fire shape  
  Small and lightweight  
  Direct spraying of high-pressure water mist on the flame using a portable pump.
  Maximizes cooling, oxygen block and fire extinguishing effects regardless of the
  type of fire.
  It can be easily managed and operated.
  It more easily Provides a cooling effect to approach the flame.
  It Allows remote fire extinguishing from more than 20m away.
  It Uses a small amount of water (12~25LPM) to facilitate water supply.
  It can use the water mist and regular hose as an alternative to fire hydrants.
  It can be applied to A, B, C fires and it is not harmful to human' body.
  Device Characteristics  
Pump capacity: 30 lpm
Water tank capacity: 180 liter
Fuel warning label
Hose length: 20m~50m
Built-in battery and automatic recharging
Easy disassembly, assembly and transport
Easy to clean the water tank
Possible to install in the connecting part of a
  fire hydrant
Transport made simple through motive-
  powered operation
Applicable field
  · Semiconductor factories ·rapid-transit railway · high-speed rail
  · underground culvert · firefighter vehicle · elevator,etc