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What is Inno-Biz?
  Inno-Biz is a compound word of innovation and business and clarifies that small
and medium sized corporations which belong to this certification has ability about
technologically innovative in the with competitive edge in technology.
What does NEP(New Excellent Product) mean?
  This certification is given by Korea government to the evaluated new developed
technology product in the field of innovative and improved goods.
  KEI acquiredthis certification for new product from the Multi Pattern Water Mist Gun
equipped with rotating-type spray pattern.
Related Law
  Article 26 of Industrial Development Law (commercialization of developed technology)
and Article28 of its enforcement ordinance
(commercialization & promotion project of developed technology)
What is to be certified
  This certification applies to new technology for the first time in Korea or a product
which applies improved technology as newly developed and innovative product.
The Effective date of the certificate

3 Years

The Support of the certified product
  • Support business loan and provide preference on credit guarantee from credit guarantee institution
  • Provide preference on quality assurance of machinery mutual-aid association
• Preferential procurement by governments and public investment institutions
• Support for expanding market or increasing export certifiedproducts
• Participation in domestic and international exhibition or supporting product promotion, etc